Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It's a rushed morning. I didn't wake up right. Lots of rage. Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck the morning shows and their terrible reporting. Everything is not Obama's fault. He is not the flipping flopping president of the whole world. Stop the stupid please. Every day I wake up and hear the next "dumbest thing I've ever heard." It's as if it's on purpose. At least we gots teh Drinking Liberally tonight. I need a drink and yes go on and judge me for wanting to throw a couple back at 9:30am. RAAAAGE!!!....okay that's out of my system. How's everyone else doing?! ; )

Here are your highlights:

Goodwin Liu out of committee

What the FRACK?!

Romney starting off with a pffft

Oopsie in Ohio, buyers' remorse

1950 UFO Report

It's easy to predict, but this Pre-freak is Chic is rather funny. No matter what Obama says tomorrow most people have already made up their minds that IT'S THE WORST SELL OUT EVERRRRR!!!!! On the flip-side the WORST SOCIALIST AGENDA EVERRRR!!!!!


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