Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tomorrow!!!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!! Tomorrow!!! We're going to Santa Monica tomorrow!!!! Yes, I can't wait. I'm so fed up with my work place and the lady and I are in need of a vacation, it's perfect timing. Also too, tomorrow will be a new episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. Paddy and I are excited to share our latest episode as we talk gin, whiskey, beer, Libya, and a tons of new/old music. Don't forget to check out past episodes! P.S. Congrats to Kemba Walker and UConn!

Here are your highlights:

Budget deadlock
. Repeat after me: Republican Shutdown, Republican Shutdown.

Sneak peak at the X-Men Anime series

Mike Huckabee, what's in the box?!

Koch Watch

RYAN'S RADICAL, RIDICULOUS, RIP-OFF ROADMAP, The truth in the plan by Paul Ryan is a dangerous path for America, however the media seems all prepped to gush over him. The best way to combat it, personal stories and voters to wake up in 2012.


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