Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So were in the After Birth...certificate. The reactions from Wingnuttia have been predictable, nothing will satisfy their foaming mouths. Some reactions from the Left have even surprised me, however the most moving was by Baratunde Thurston (video above). It's often lost on the media, over saturated with the David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, Sean Hannity and Jake Tapper's of the world, but Barack Obama is the first black president and it means something entirely different to African-Americans (should go without saying). I won't try to offer any profound statement just that the more this transgresses, the more I'm beginning to believe that this is the storm before the calm. What Barack Obama did yesterday took an amount of humbleness and leadership not found in ordinary men. And certainly not found in his opponents. As an American I am truly proud of that, he proved me wrong (I thought he would let it roll along) and instead convinced me it was the right thing to do. Maybe not in my life time, but perhaps in my children's, there will be more than one "adult in the room."

Here are your highlights:

Death Toll Mounts as Fierce Storms Batter South

Arrrghh, John Yoo does it again

‘In shock’: Cardinal George suspends Rev. Michael Pfleger

Man, Amazon is cold blooded

What is it with people? Yes I'm from the suburbs, but this is just too stupid GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Bernanke dissapoints

It's DRAFT DAY!!!! In a season that has yet to be determined, the draft goes on. My buddy has his own take on what the Redskins should do. And here is the latest Insider approach. I'm hoping for something other THAN A FUGGIN QUARTERBACK


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MojoRider said...

The best move the Skins can make is to have a minority shareholder stage a coup, dethrone Dan Snyder as the majority owner of the team, and do things the right way!