Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I'm baaaaack! Did the fort get attacked while I was gone? Everyone still bitter and pissed off? Awesome. It was a much needed escape to Middle Earth for the weekend. The lady and I chilled in her hometown and hung out with all of her nieces and nephew. It was great to see them up and walking around. For those of you who partake I hope your Easter was fantastic, for those who don't I hope your weekend was fantastic. I'm looking forward to this week as it starts a big turn in the Frank's the end of the month...

Here are your highlights:

Chicago Blackhawks come storming back, the Capitals did their job

Transit is teh important

With gas prices so high...why are we still subsidizing big oil?

Did the Fed flop? You know I keep reading a lot of analysis, but a lot of this could be fixed by jobs. And no I don't mean Steve...unless he's hiring!

Another leak. Gitmo files this time and it is a reminder of how terribly awful the Bush administration and its "War on Terror" was, but we also have to be reminded Bradley Manning still broke the law.


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