Monday, April 11, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

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I'm baaaaaack! Santa Monica is an amazing place ya'll. The lady and I are sad to return to Chicago after five days in sunny Santa Monica. It's not that we hate it here. just man. you can't beat being a block away from the beach. It was a vacation much needed. We were lucky enough to hang out with some of my college buddies, the lady's work buddies and Paddy's younger broseph. I'm starting to warm to the idea of California (pun intended)...

Here are your highlights:

The shutdown that wasn't

The emo progressives are out and about, clamoring for Obama's primary. Stop it. Please. You're not helping.

It's about the deficit right? Well no, it's not and no one cares

Taibbi at his best, Paul Ryan smackdown

The economy is doing better
, but the middle and lower class is feeling good about it. What needs to be done by our president is a change in terms (not just when talking about debt). So yes talk about Medicare, it's a serious issue to address, however stick up for the middle class, the less fortunate and stop giving into more tax cuts for the rich.


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