Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Man, Monday's suck. Walked into the office today like any other Monday only to discover I was in the only person from my department who showed up. Awesome! The only good thing is that I leave for Santa Monica on Wednesday morning. My lady is visiting her company's LA office and we're heading out there for work and play. I am pumped. Warm weather, beaches, hippies and meeting up with some old buddies from college. Light blogging will ensue starting Wednesday, but I'll try to update it with pictures from places we are visiting. In other news, my Michelle Rhee post is on the front page for Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. Please feel free to weigh in on the discussion!

Here are your highlights:

President Barack Obama announces his bid for 2012, so far he's running against no one

Something's fishy, Gaddafi's sons are offering a plan to oust their father


Cuts, cuts, cuts and more cuts. Why does anyone take the GOP seriously?

Privatizing Medicare
and another Krugman win

Keno!! If you're in Chicago and love cinema check out the 16th annual Chicago Asian American Showcase it runs from April 1-14th.


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