Friday, April 29, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Well it's Friday and Royal Wedding Day! You think they had it on a Friday because it was cheaper? Or was it simply for more attention? Tradition? Oh fuck it, I don't really care. One thing is for sure, Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning. All that should get me a few morning clicks on the ole blog, sorry to disappoint people this is a liberal RAGING MOTHERF-IN BLOG! Speaking of which, wtf is going in Oklahoma? Where do they find these racist reps and why do they hand them a microphone? At least she likes Asians, see she doesn't hate all minorities just lazy black ones....RAAAAGE!!! We should be past this point. It's 2011. People in office should not lack basic social skills, however we get teh stupid like this in states across teh Uhmerika! Happy Friday hippies!

Here are your highlights:

Donald Trump is attacks the Chinese now not so colorful language

The Village and the Deficit

Right Wing Mainstream, Inciting Violence via Television

Tell Bill Maher: stop legitimizing Andrew Breitbart

More news from the South

Draft Day came and went, there were some surprises, but ultimately what I care about is my Redskins. What a RELIEF! We traded down, didn't go for the overrated QB option and picked up a much needed, ready to play defensive end in Ryan Kerrigan. Can't wait to see what happens tonight!


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