Friday, April 15, 2011

The Democratic Party Gets a Gift Basket

From House Republicans:

House Republicans voted Friday in favor of a vision of the future without Medicare, with a significantly eroded Medicaid, and with lower taxes on wealthy Americans. By a vote of 235-193, they passed their budget resolution -- an opening bid in a broader partisan fight about spending and taxes that will dominate politics in Washington, DC for the rest of the year.

Four Republicans voted with all Democrats against the so-called "Path to Prosperity." Two Republicans and five Democratsdidn't vote.

It's also political poison.

There's your ad campaign for 2012. You don't have to go any other route. The Republicans voted to eliminate Medicare.

One thing is a certain in U.S. politics, you don't mess with granny. She's a feisty and vengeful voter and she'll make sure you pay the next go around. This as far of an overreach as you can get, just as it was when the Republicans tried to privatize Social Security. The ads write themselves. Heck leading into 2010 the Republicans ran on the same premise, Democrats were going to end Medicare. Funny. Very funny how that all comes around.

*Note said basket comes with a bow and inside a nice big chocolatey bunny nom nom nom

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