Monday, April 18, 2011

Bluffin With My Muffin

Jed Lewison:

Here's one more piece of evidence that Republicans are bluffing when they threaten to hold the debt limit hostage: 81 current senators have voted at least once to extend the debt ceiling since 2001, including all but two of the Republicans who have cast a vote at least once on the debt ceiling during that time. Seventeen current senators have not yet faced a vote on raising the debt limit.

Moreover, all five of the most prolific debt-limit raisers over the past decade are Republicans, with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins each having voted eight times to extend the debt limit, and Dick Lugar, Mitch McConnell, and Lisa Murkowski having voted seven times apiece to do so.

Even Jim DeMint has voted to raise the debt limit.

It's all just a game of who blinks first. There's no reason to tie anything to the debt ceiling, in fact it's irresponsible to play around with it. So the Dems needs to be adamant about the stakes and continue to call out the likes of Captain Douchenugget, Eric Cantor.

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