Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A whole sammich full of stupid downstate:

While Chicago-area lawmakers continue to push for tough gun laws, downstate politicians think they have the support needed to get a concealed carry measure passed in Springfield.

This week, a House panel filled with "downstate gun-rights backers" is expected to approve legislation that would allow Illinois citizens to carry guns in public if they receive special training, according to the Pantagraph. The push comes as thousands of pro-gun activists head to Springfield for an Illinois State Rifle Association rally.

“I’ve never had the groundswell or the grassroots effort that this bill is getting and attention that it’s getting right now,” Democratic Rep. Brandon Phelps told the Quad-City Times. Phelps is among several downstate Democrats who support a law that would allow some Illinois residents to carry a weapon with proper training. He is also one of many concealed carry supporters who is confident about passing a measure soon--despite the state's track record on gun control.

I've been downstate. In fact I'm going this weekend. Take it from me, this would be a grave mistake. Especially when some idiot decides to puff his chest at the Amish.

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