Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Stuff

So the fiance and I have booked our venue and church, both which we're really excited about. We've been talking for a little bit, brainstorming some ways to incorporate Chinese culture into our big day and I think we have some solid ideas. I'm a lucky guy in that she welcomes my input and wants to honor traditions and my family's culture. Of course it won't be all decked out, but the gestures are greatly appreciated. I thought I'd share them.

Here's what we're leaning towards:

Invites or Save the Dates. Not as elaborate as the one pictured, but it'd be nice to have some Chinese influence in the design.

Dim Sum dishes during cocktail hour. The caterer said they'd be able to bring in a local restaurant's dim sum dishes (the safe ones for those mid-westerners) and have them as part of the early cocktail apps. This was something I was rather adamant about and I'm grateful that everyone was so open to the idea.

Red Envelopes. Throughout my childhood, red envelopes played a part in various holidays. It was one of my fondest memories when visiting my grandfather (probably because they had money...most of the time) around Chinatown. Not sure where we'll sneak these in, table numbers? Gift baskets?

Signature Cocktail at the reception of course! This is a little more difficult to gauge, but perhaps a Shirley Temple (again safe) for the non-alcoholic crowd?

Chinese Tea Ceremony. I'll admit I don't know much about the protocol here. I've never been to a Chinese wedding, so if anyone has any incite or stories or their own approach to this tradition it would be much obliged. I would just like the opportunity to honor my family in a formal way.

Yup, that's what we've got thus far. I'm sure there will be others along the way, but that's what the other 14 months are for! If you all know of anything else let me know! We really are hoping to get as many little elements in the reception as possible.


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