Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trains are Simple Stupid

George Will thinks progressive likes trains because they bring socialism to the masses!

Booman responds:

Speaking for myself, I like trains because I use them. I use the train to travel into Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC. I have used the train to travel to Chicago. I once took the train most of the way to Hilton Head Island. I don't like flying because I am susceptible to sinus infections and my ears do not always clear. Once, I lost hearing after a flight that didn't fully return for a year. I don't like driving into major cities for a host of reasons, including traffic jams, the high concentration required, and the expense of and difficulty in finding parking. Traveling by train is also relaxing. It's easy to sleep or to read, both of which can be difficult in a car. I would like faster, more reliable, and, above all, more comfortable trains. Why? Because that would benefit me directly. It has never occurred to me that faster, more reliable, and more comfortable trains might diminish my individuality and make me more susceptible to collectivism.

But that's because I am not a wanker.

I, too am not a wanksta. As Booman (and I touch on this in the most recent TAT yet to be released) I like trains because of convenience. I prefer taking the Amtrak to Chapaign, IL to visit my future in-laws. I enjoy the solace in a good book, less boarding and taxi time and the overall appeal of the middle American landscape. There's no hidden progressive/socialist/collectivist agenda. I like to travel by train because when I studied abroad in Europe I found it to be, although flawed, the best way to travel. Many have said this before, but the real reason why conservatives harp on high speed rail is because liberals like it. They can't stand the fact we want to take a train, find it economically sound and well it's European, so COLLECTIVISM-SOCIALISM! It's sad we can't even agree on something that would be a direct benefit to our country.

But since Will did mention this underlining urge for collectivism...how's about this for an idea? Conservatives and neo-cons particularly dislike high-speed rail because it affords misinformed-low-income-voters to travel with ease. This ease of travel would allow for misinformed-low-income-voters, who make up the Fox News base, to explore the good ole US of A (hack spit). And if said misinformed-low-income-voters see that not all Muslims are terrorists, not all brown people are illegal immugrants, not all black people are scary panthers intimidating voters, that there is income inequality, that the stimulus did work, and that America is expansive and diverse; they might just stop voting for Republicans.

Or maybe George Will just prefers flying...

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