Monday, March 7, 2011

The Izard Diner

Stephanie Izard, bad-ass chef and owner of the amazing Girl & the Goat, is going to open up an East Coast diner in Chicago (h/t Gapers Block).


Just when you thought Stephanie Izard could easily rest on her laurels with the success of the eight-month-old Girl & The Goat, she's gearing up to open an old school diner with a modern twist. The Little Goat will open within steps of her restaurant on Randolph Street likely this fall and will have the feeling of a classic East Coast diner. And don't worry, there's nothing "gastro" about this joint.

"Growing up in Connecticut, we always went to the diner after the bars or in the morning [for breakfast]," Izard said. "There were diners everywhere. Everyone went to diners. There just doesn't seem to be diners in Chicago."

Like those diners, Izard wants to have pictures of the food on the menu, which will consist of dishes you think of when you think of diner grub. Things like "an awesome club sandwich with homemade bacon and our own roasted turkey, tasty malt milkshakes ... we'll poach our own tuna for a tuna melt," she said. "We're not doing a foie gras burger, but we will obviously have a goat burger. It'll be like old school diner favorites without making them all gastro foofy." Essentially, things she'd love to do at G&G, but can't.

Izard and her partners, Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz, hit New York a couple of weeks ago on a R&D trip. They visited many places that claimed to be "diners," but Izard felt like they were missing something. "
I want it to be like 'moons over My Hammy' and shit."

I can't wait for the end result. If it's anything aesthetic wise like Tastee's aka the 29 Diner in NOVA, I'm sold.

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