Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Welp it's Wednesday and I'm heading to Miami tonight for a conference (I know what company in their right mind sends a guy like me to a conference). It will be nice to be in warm weather, albeit only for one day. There will also hopefully be some big news upon my return...don't want to blow it, but it's exciting for me and my lady. Lot's to do today and tomorrow, so again apologies for the sucking blogging this week...not much different than normal...

Here are your highlights:

Judge blocks Wisconsin Anti-Union bill AGAIN!

Hollywood figuring out that if you put out crap movies, people won't go to the movies

Fox News Fail

Manufacturing - Think Small

The field of Republican candidates for president...well there's not much of one

The impending government shutdown is all on Republican shoulders. Boehner is being pushed teh crazy of his party, while Dems are pushing for fixes. If anyone in the Republican Party has any sort of memory (and you don't have to go too far back) this is not going to play well in their favor if there's a shutdown.


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