Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Man today is not too bad. I said on the Twitters I received some good news and I did. My financial situation although still not green is a little better. I can now breathe a little easier. It's now that I'm turning 30 I figured I'd have my ducks in a row...not really...not close...funny how that all happens. Anyway I feel good today and much happier, might even juice the pecs tonight. Japan is still getting devastated by the earthquake and possible radiation fall out. Don't forget to give if you can!

Here are your highlights:

The douchey Evan Bayh

It's sad state of affairs when $9 an hour is too much, but $250k a year is not

Issa Full Disclosure

The media and Breitbart explained

The GOP Leader is looking like not much of a leader at all. The tables seem to have turned on him and teh budget is teh devil!


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