Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. For those who know me personally this is my first as a C.I.T. or Catholic in Training. My fiance is Catholic, so I will be going through the process to be baptized and confirmed...I believe I'll start after Easter. Tomorrow we meet with the director of the church we plan on getting married at, I am actually looking forward to it. All of this is rather new, I grew up in a Lutheran household and it's not as if it's my first time to church either, but the process will be challenging. I'm interested to see how much I grow over the following years to come. Regardless nothing will change here, same ole ragetastic Frank with maybe a positive story here and there ; )

Here are your highlights:

Quinn expected to sign Death Penalty Ban

Could Walker be backing down? Emails reveal possibly

AIG repays $6.9 billion of TARP

In a concerted effort to suppress the vote, Republicans are targeting students

New Explosions in the Sky song

LOL, He's joining the Nazis

Worst Person/Show of the Day. Megyn Kelly & Fox News. On International Women's Day they blame the victim of a brutal assault.


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