Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So it's Thursday. Woop Woop! I'm thinking of making something new in the kitchen, any suggestions? I have my staples down now: Turkey Burgers w/ fresh veggies, Scallops and Pasta w/onion and peppers, Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta, Chinese Lettuce Wraps, Fish Tacos w/ Mexican Rice and fajita veggies, Shredded Chicken or BBQ Pulled Pork, and then Salmon in various ways mostly Asian inspired. I make a mean sammich, a nice light smoked salmon w/dill sauce and various other things. Just want to expand my menu, although I feel like I have a solid base. So yeah...any suggestions?

Here are your highlights:

Obama Bracketed. The dumbest of the dumb brought you by the Right and our failing media establishment.

Gov. John Kasich in Ohio, seriously an evil dude, wonder if he has a cat he strokes?

House panel moves the NPR defund campaign ahead

Foodie Question: Waiting for a Table

If God Facebooked

The U.S. is not trusting the Japanese government anymore, US charters planes to help citizens


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