Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Well if you missed it last night shit it the proverbial fan in Wisconsin. Quick summary: the Republicans shat on democracy and rammed through an illegal session to strip workers of collective bargaining rights sans budget measures. Proving once and for all that this was never about budgets or fiscal responsibility. They simply wanted to disarm unions and the way by which everything was conducted was despicable. Oh yes, the people are pissed. I was raging last night. Everyone is fired up and you should be too. Paddy and I discussed on the most recent episode of TAT and it couldn't be clearer the Republicans intent is to weaken democratic voters. This is not just a Wisconsin issue, similar fights are popping up in Ohio, New Jersey and Indiana. It's time to stand up and say enough. As Michael Moore said, "they've aroused a sleeping giant."

Here are your highlights:

Scott Walker One-Termer

Newt Gingrich serious candidate...his love for his country led him to infidelity LOL

RIP David Broder
, fitting that a man who made his living off preaching bipartisanship passes on a day of terribly partisan proceedings

The Sun like you've never seen it before

Let's be honest the GOP Senate holds are Temper Tantrums (p.s. who would have thought the 1st black president would have such a hard time getting nominees confirmed....)

Obama sends Chinese guy to talk to the Chinese! Gary Locke is officially named the new ambassador to China.

If you can spare a dime (and I know many of you can't) Support the Wisconsin Recall. Act Blue also has many other great ways to contribute to progressive candidates and issues. It's about time the fire gets going for 2012.


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