Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's Thursday! Phew! YES! Success! Almost to the weekend. I have a design, audition and podcast filled weekend. Work is holding us hostage, so sadly we won't be able to release the next TATPodcast till Monday. We promise it's worth the wait. The fiance is having a bridal kind of weekend, so I'll be in the man cave working away on various projects. Speaking of projects! (how's that for a segue?) David Bazan has posted his "Alone at the Microphone" on YouTube. Check it out, he's truly inspiring.

Here are your highlights:

White House behind closed doors working with Republicans

The Nerdist gets the interview I've always wanted, Nathan Fillion

Koch Industries making millions off of corruption

Boxing's next big star?

How Ameya Pawar Bowled Over 47th Ward

It's always refreshing when Democrats go on the offensive. Dems in Wisconsin are trying to raise the proper funds to recall vulnerable Republicans. The support is out there and they seem determined to kick the bums out!


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