Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Apologies for getting this posted late today. This morning I've been scrambling about working on future plans. I'm visiting Miami this week for a work trip and need to wrap up a bunch of loose ends before I head out. The weekend was good, crazy basketball, decent fights and I learned a valuable lesson...Saturday Mass is much more bearable than Sunday. Little known fact, Sunday is dragged out. Not to say that I don't enjoy my time in mass and all that I'm learning, however it is Lent and things get loooong. There that's my complaint. Paddy K and I recorded the latest episode of TAT, don't forget to check out the last one and be ready for another rockin episode. So close to selling out!

Here are your highlights:

If only my work place would let me bring my Nerf Gun

In Libya the Rebels takes another stronghold

The Calm Blue Sea
, for fans of Explosions in the Sky

Krugman says it, The President is a Lousy Negotiator - that or the centrists in the Senate still suck...

Donald Trump stays classy

England erupts! Finally, Some Shared Sacrifice. I am not sure if that's what it's come to, however Steve M does make a valid argument.


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