Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well it was a successful trip down to Central Illinois. The fiance was able to hang out with her maid of honor and mom, checking out dress while I cooked some mean BBQ pulled pork. And although my fiance didn't find her dress (she's got plenty of time) we did enjoy the food, family and being at her home. It's always nice to get away. I honestly wish we could have stayed longer. Mainly because I'm now back at work and sucking at life. Don't forget to listen to the latest episode of TATPodcast. Write us an email or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter, we enjoy what ever feedback you might have!

Here are your highlights:

Japan is disarray in the aftermath of its massive earthquake. Ways you can donate and offer help.

Obama not taking kindly to dissent. Clinton Spokesman resigns after speaking out against Bradley Manning treatment.

GOP still threatening the debt ceiling
...but it's about jobs

Probably shouldn't post this kind of shit on YouTube

Mainstream Media Fail!
Remember when all you heard about were the Tea Party protests? Now that there are real protests, the media is not covering Wisconsin with the same vigor.

It's on! March Madness!!!


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