Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well as seen below Paddy K and I have new branding for TATPodcast. We've updated the site and should have the next episode up shortly! We're excited to share this one as we had a rockin good time recording it. This past weekend was spent cooking, cleaning and meeting with wedding peoples. The lady and I locked down the venue this weekend and are looking forward to all that is to come. Our biggest concern was if the caterer would be able to offer something that reflected both of our family backgrounds. Luckily I mentioned dim sum and the caterer was immediately receptive! We're pumped for some nom nom Chinese/American food. In other news, teh Lent starts soon. This will be my first as a "Catholic to be", should be interesting? What is everyone (who partakes) giving up?

Here are your highlights:

Interim CPS chief plans for the long haul but hasn't talked to Rahm Emanuel

Endless war: Gates said U.S. in Afghanistan till 2014

The Racism of Frame - an interesting discussion about Huckabee's "Kenya slip"

Scorecards from around the Boxing World and congrats to Dan Henderson who dropped the "H-Bomb"


In a moment of clarity, finally people are saying it straight up...Employee pensions aren't bankrupting states


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