Friday, March 25, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Damn it feels good to be a Friday. Each time a Friday comes around on Lent I'm always craving meat, wonder why? Paddy and I will be chatting it up tomorrow for another episode of TAT. Get ready for selling out, booze talk, politics, RAGE and some rockin tunes! Special thanks to listener Walter Robinson for writing a fantastical review on ITunes for us! Don't forget to write in as well. This weekend is a planning weekend. I'm motivated more than I have been in awhile to get my creative juices flowing. Script? Songs? Monologues? Bring it!

Here are your highlights:

Ron Johnson a lesson in Republican idiocy

Japan, the exposure to radiation has been beyond safe levels

Why not another Home Buyer Tax Credit?

*Nerd Android App Makers Making Money


Libya update, perhaps it will end with some good news?

AKIRA adaptation courts white actors - I've been raging about this over the past couple of days. BigWOWO has a post about it as well. There are many things that are frustrating about this, but my question is; why not just call it something else? Why use the original character names? It's one thing to ruin one of my favorite movies, it's another to destroy its content to fit a narrow view of the world. And Justin Timberlake? Really?! Robert Pattinson?!! Really?!!


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