Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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The video above covers what I alluded to in TAT, that Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan were just the beginning of a concerted effort by the Republican Party to weaken democratic voters. In turn this also has deep implications for our democracy. It's not only abhorrent, it is the M.O. for the Republican Party that dates back to Goldwater. What's different now is that people have finally elected the sick ideological wonder boys that the GOP has always wanted to enact these types of laws. This is what they've planned to do and we have to organize, raise money and counterattack this with a grassroots effort. We can't make it about grievances past. It has to be about what needs to be done now and in the future. Don't forget you can donate to ActBlue and this weekend, if you're into this sort of thing OFA is getting groups together to mobilize for 2012 (and no I'm not endorsing OFA). I'm off to Central Illinois this weekend. The fiance and I are hanging out with her family, the first time since we got engaged. Should be fantastic!

Here are your highlights:

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Ayn Rand is Full of Crap

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Yesterday for those of you who missed it was FEAR THE BROWN PEOPLE day in Congress. It was led by the vile Rep. Peter King (NY). As Eugene Robinson states, it was a Modern-Day Witch Hunt. File this under you are NOT HELPING Peter King!


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