Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Woohoo Friday! ...yup that's what it's come to, getting excited about every Friday relieved that I've made it through another shitty week at work. Anyway at least it's here. Is it just me or has every Republican governor just lost all creativity and drank a bottle of stupid. New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and well the South! It's getting to the point where these guys will push it as far as it will possibly go...and then hopefully it will bring balance to the force! No really. What if all this extremism from Republican governors leads to a left center nation? I like that idea and thus far the data says they are in way over their heads, so I'll be hopey and changey. LET'S DO THIS!

Here are your highlights:

Democrats working on cuts with Republicans...when will Dems learn "it's not the right kind of cuts" you know like hurting poor people and minorities...

The Drug War won't be won till you legalize it

SXSW All Song Considered Line-Up


The pundits rounded up

JOBS! It looks like we are turning a corner in employment. Yes, this is a positive sign. And for those who will lie, this has nothing to do with Republican policies and very much has to do with what the Democrats and the White House accomplished in their first two years. Let's hope this sustains itself.


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