Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fixing the El

The Reader takes a stab at fixing my mode of transportation:

This system, we argued, would improve the commute for CTA riders in these ways:

• Evanston riders: Purple Line trains would make more stops south of Howard, which would slows things down, but enter the Loop via the subway rather than the circuitous elevated, which would speed them up. Net impact on running time: zero. However, the trains would run twice as often, shortening the overall trip by as much as five to eight minutes. In addition, Purple Line trains would serve the Red Line stops between Addison and Roosevelt, which are by far the most heavily used in the system. Fewer Purple Line riders would have to change trains.

• Most north-side riders: At the busiest stations, served by both the Red and Purple lines, trains would arrive every 2½ minutes at peak versus three minutes now.

• North-side riders between Howard and Bryn Mawr: Service would be five minutes faster for those boarding at express stops and 2½ minutes faster for those boarding at local stops and transferring to an express. (The Purple Line would overtake one Red Line train en route.)

• North-siders boarding at Berwyn, Argyle, Lawrence, and Sheridan: For these people, we were obliged to admit, service would be slower—trains every five minutes at peak rather than the current three. (You could transfer to an express at Wilson, but normally it wouldn't pass a local and you wouldn't save any time.)

• South-side riders: Trains would operate at the same frequency as before, but terminate at 130th Street rather than 95th, shortening the bus ride for many on the far south side.

Read the whole thing here. It seems their proposal did get a nod from the CTA.

I, for one, would appreciate it if the Purple Line ran more often. If that means a couple of more stops, don't see that being an issue. From what I gather the CTA hasn't been run well for years on end, so that's probably contributed the most to its various inefficiencies. Also too, socialist public transit.

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