Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You F-in High?

How to waste money:

Federal agents with guns drawn raided up to a dozen medical marijuana operations across Montana on Monday, the same a day that a bill to repeal the state's medical marijuana law stalled in a Senate committee.

Near Helena, agents burst into Montana Cannabis' greenhouse, where the company grows more than 1,600 plants for its four stores across the state. The greenhouse runs about half the length of a football field and is packed with marijuana plants that can be seen from U.S. Highway 12.

About 15 workers were inside the warehouse during the morning raid. Montana Cannabis employee Brett Thompson, 30, said he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and saw agents running up the driveway.

"They came in, guns drawn, got us down on the ground and in cuffs as fast as they could," Thompson said.

This sums up what really happened:

"It's strictly a political move to stop us from providing medicine to sick people," Williams said, standing outside the fence at Montana Cannabis.

I'm sure conservative politicians get a rise from having armed men raid hippies mary-ju-wanna, but you have to be void of a brain to think this is money well spent. It's all about intimidating people. Oh and penis size.

So to review 1) Punch hippies 2) Intimidation 3) Penis Size and yes I'm fully aware 2 and 3 can be one in the same at any given time.

They are raiding people who are helping people for chrissake.

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