Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well at least it's Wednesday. We in Chicago held elections yesterday. And if you haven't already heard and you live in a cave Rahm Emanuel is our newly anointed mayor! Apparently Chicago desired more of the same...oh well at least it will be fun to mock the new king of Chicago on a regularly retarded basis. Fucking A! I'm gonna be off the grid for the next couple of days. The overlords have spoken. I will try to post when I can...

Here are your highlights:

Feingold weighs in on Wisconsin. I smell a future Governor...

In Ohio, protesters were locked out. How's that for Democracy?!

Opposition to Infrastructure Spending

Everyone should have one. A personal submarine boat!

Affordable Care Act ruled legal again

Simple Charts Explain How 90% of Americans Get Almost Nothing - we are losing and they are winning


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