Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Aww Hump Day. How you make everyone so relieved in a glass half-full kind of way. Today the fiance and I woke up early and attempted to work out. I have approval from my physical therapist to start trying out some light stuff. It felt good although I have a tall mountain to climb back. Some movements are simply too tough at this point and today I spent some time watching the fiance from the sidelines. Sad but true. Oh well it's a start which is what I need. This weekend is packed we're beginning to check out churches and reception locations. It's HAPPENING!!

Here are your highlights:

The assault on Lara Logan & the reality of rape

I'm one of those critics. Goldman should repay taxpayers

Your Questions Answered

Don't know how you sleep well in your own Anatomy...

Donaire prepares for Montiel with a cloud over his head

The Weak GOP Field for presidential candidates with math behind it. I still have my worries, but thus far they all seem to be a group of Dukakis like characters. Haley Barbour for example can't even denounce the KKK. LEADERSHIP!


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