Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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SNOW MY GOD! Well it's still snowing. So far this is ranks number 5 in the all time list of snow storms in Chicago. Luckily the fiance and I still have water, heat and electricity. Others haven't been so lucky and the city along with ComEd are working diligently to fix that. We live right by Lake Shore Drive where a lot of chaos ensued last night. By 7pm last night we had lost visibility of the traffic. Apparently some were stuck for nearly 9 hours on the Drive. YIKES! Best part is I'm home and not at work. Probably won't be doing much; laundry, workout and zone out. Thank you SNOWPAC, come again tonight please and thank you! P.S. Groundhog can suck it.

Here are your highlights:

Clashes erupt between protesters, Mubarak supporters

The extreme consequences of GOP global climate change deniers


Hopefully something comes of this Ensign to be investigated...

How to save Health Care Reform


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