Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone! Last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ceres Table. The service, food and ambiance was perfect. No really, normally we get stuck by an awkward couple or by the door and get the draft coming in...not this time. We had a center table and despite some early wobbling of the table (they came and fixed it) we had a great setting for two. And of course I had some gin, last night's G.O.C. (gin of choice) was Hendrick's. Today is going to be blah. In fact all of this week is looking to be blah...oh well, what's new?!

Here are your highlights:

Why the Stock Market sucks...

Holy WTF?! Mystery planet

Who elects these ass clowns? Another bigoted Republican this time in Kansas

Ross Douthat had sex for realz

The pro-life law that allows "justified" murder

Daily Kos gets a re-design
. Much welcome and it seems to be rather user friendly. I beta-tested a bit on the site. Three cheers for good design!


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