Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I need a change. Not sure what they deal is, but I wake up every three hours. It's almost clockwork. I haven't been able to exercise for the past four months due to an injury I sustained, so that's out for another week at least. And hitting the bottle is a terrible idea lol. Going to bed early didn't work..Any suggestions? I just want a decent night's sleep. In other news decided to take a mental health day on Friday. The lady says she has plans NICE! Drinking Liberally tonight, don't forget you pinko scum!

Here are your highlights:

ACLU calls Chicago out for its shady surveillance

Verizon, there's always a catch

Olbermann headed to Current TV

For those who enjoy facts. For 3rd Straight Year Americans Taxed Less

War Criminal! Rumsy wants to re-write history

At least he's straight up honest with his bigotry. Montana lawmaker also seeks to separate schools, buses and have everyone who is poor eat Soma.


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