Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

The Oscars came and they went. As I predicted the host combination of Anne Hathaway and James Franco was a dud. When will the academy learn you need someone up there with a stand-up comedy background? Oh well, as with every year the Oscars let me down. I don't know why I get hyped for them as by now I should know they always disappoint. Oh well at least Inception got a sound editing award...In other news Paddy K and I recorded the latest episode of TAT, should be up for your listening pleasure by the end of the week!

Here are your highlights:

Wisconsin protesters keep on ticking

Not sure what to think of this...Daily Dish gets a new home in April

The Sunday Come Down

Agricultural Prices/Situation Round-Up

Say it ain't so, Clinton Portis to go

Anonymous targets the Koch Brothers and does it for all the right reasons. Will be interesting to see what happens next, but a boycott is a civil and sound protest.


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