Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Woah the weekend is over? Well it was jammed packed for the lady and I...and we're exhausted. Luckily I have today off, however the lady is working from home. So what did we do? We visited reception locations for our wedding, went to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba with friends (NOM!), went to ANOTHER church, met with a church lady (no really we did) and then the lady had a crazy bridal show to attend. I was fortunate enough to chill last night and relax...she's still running full steam ahead. I have today off, so light blogging will ensue apologies.

Here are your highlights:

Impasse over Wisconsin anti-union bill could end if 3 Republican senators broke from governor
and the Big Tell

DADT doesn't ruing families nor the military after all

Breast Beating

There's an App for that

Good news: Brandon Banks is out of the hospital

About that whole Earth thing...we need to start preparing for our future. It doesn't look we have the right guys in office for the job


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