Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(best commercial of the night)

Well a formal congrats to the Green Bay Packers who staved off what looked to be an inevitable Steelers comeback. And thank god. The last thing I wanted to hear was the media talking about redemption for a misogynistic, jock, douchebag like Ben Roethliscrapper. Those headlines thankfully can be recycled now. It was a heckuva a game considering I really don't care for either team. The commercials were just ok, but the Groupon Ad is causing a bit of a stir. Their response seems to be a "hey not everyone gets our joke, sorry." I missed the beginning part, but it seems people are overreacting. More people should be concerned with Xtina's butchering of the National Anthem, the horrific half time yell fest by Black Eyed Peas and the hilarious fail of Jerry Jones. Some Super Bleh.

Here are your highlights:

Not New called New: Obama to visit Chamber of Commerce

Scientology has some explaining to do

Holy Cow! Harry Caray statue defaced

The right wing crazies have to always find something, OBAMA DIDN'T WEAR A TIE!!!

AOL buys Huffington Post and what it means for the Huff Post going forward. Damn Arianna is making off good!



MojoRider said...

hahaha! don't hold back on how you feel about the Steelers!

what makes it better is that the Caps beat the Pens too yesterday. Granted, they didn't have Crosby or Malkin, but I liked how they tried to goon it up. Two for two is all right by me. Granted, I don't care for Green Bay, but it's just good to get some of these Steeler fans to just shut up for a change.

Asian-American Pundit said...

You know I won't hold back on teh Steelers, lol.

I watched that Caps game, it was almost non-competitive. Good to see. Hoping the Caps can continue whooping the Pens.