Sunday, December 19, 2010


Will look something like this for the remainder of the season.

Donovan McNabb deserves better. Here's hoping he gets his due respect and lands on a team where the coaches don't scape goat him. Playing injured for most of the season with sub-par talent around him the majority of the season, that's Redskins' football. It's something the Shanahans obviously know nothing about. What a disappointing end. The McNabb jersey's on sale already...

I'm doing the stay in and chill thang today. Laundry, physical therapy exercises and cleaning. It's the Cowboys and I can't even bare to watch, how depressing is that?

At least I'm on vacation and I'm done with my Christmas shopping! It's the little things this time of year that get me psyched.

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Steve said...

Yeah my Broncos may suck but at least getting Tebow some game time makes things interesting.

MojoRider said...

John Riggins had it right: Dan Snyder is peddling false hope.

Shanny, according to Riggins, needs to explain just exactly what he's "evaluating" Grossman for. For the starting position for next season? Riggins said that one game doesn't make Rex the savior at the QB position. For as much as he moved the ball, he will also give you those turnovers. Two turnovers which led to 14 points.

Rex ain't the answer. Oh, and repeat after me, my new mantra:

It's not the disappointment, it's the hope that'll kill you.

Well, this team has just about killed me. I'm done with them. I'm tired of the drama du jour. And yeah, if Mcnabb wasn't their guy, Shanny could have done a much better job in handling this than to do McNabb like that.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Mojo: I'm stealing that mantra.

I can't stand the Shanahans right now. It's embarrassing.

Steve said...

Well I hear McDaniels is looking for a new job if you'd like to go a different direction...

Asian-American Pundit said...

Haha, well I know how well that worked out.

I should be giving the Shanahans the benefit of the doubt, but I feel like he caters to his kid too much. It's a classic case of a father wanting his son to succeed. It hurts the team. Rex Grossman threw four td's but he also had three turnovers. What good is a gunslinger, if you still lose and lose by your own hand?!

Whatever I'm done with them for now. It'll take a lot for me to trust these two guys again.

MojoRider said...

Steal away, bro'! I stole it from some Irish soccer fan, speaking about Team Ireland's chances in the World Cup, ha!

but it's so true. ever since Snyder owned this team, you keep thinking next season will be better. You get your hopes up high for it and when it comes, the new season is the same as the old one.