Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well I'm back in the Chi for a couple of days. Santa was good to me and the lady's family as well. I ate. And I ate. And then I ate some more. It never fails even with Insanity on the mind, I enjoy turkey, stuffing and cream cheese-pepper mash potatoes way too much. Nom nom nom. We head out to Baltimore to ring in teh New Year on Friday. We're hoping the weather holds up and we can see our friends, drink it up and perhaps see the Redskins beat the down trodden Giants....bahhhh that won't happen. How was your Holiday weekend?! Don't forget to listen to the latest episode of TATPodcast and write us with your top lists of 2010.

Here are your highlights:

Reminder: best health care ever

Suspicious package found at the Vatican

The latest in faux-controversies by the right-wing. Obama is giving the country back to the Native Americans!

G-Dub described most eloquently

The growing regression of Republicans in regards to Global Warming is scary

The Victims of Economic Triage: a response to Bob Herbert
. NDD explains the dichotomy of the Recovery. The data is pointing to positive signs in the upcoming years, however the unemployment rate is real and our Congress and President's complacency is unconscionable. There is a Recovery occurring just not the one we need.


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