Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It's Wednesday, damnit this morning I swore it was Thursday. Three more days and then I'm off. The lady and I are weighing New Year's Eve plans. Baltimore? California? Mars?! Chicago. Not sure yet, but I guess we should make a decision soon. Last night was hearty liberal fun at Sheffield's. The Drinking Liberally crew was out in full effect and we enjoyed copious amounts of liberal schwag. I for one will War on Christmas next year because Jeebus didn't bring me the TechnoDrome when I was 8. Motherfugger.

Here are your highlights:

FOX LEAKS: Boss ordered reporters to play down Climate Science

Mitch McConnell doesn't listen to Mitch McConnell

HIV breakthrough, Stem cell research leads to possible cure

OMG Facts

Why General Amos is wrong about his own Marines

I ask this everyday. Why are Bankers So Rich? Kevin Drum dives into the Casino that is Wall St. "They eat what they kill."


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