Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Woah what a night. The lady and I trekked through the snow and survived two cabs rides from Hoth to dine at Ceres' Table last night. A boy did we enjoy it. The space is understated and had a kind of industrial feel to the decor. Due to the weather the spot wasn't too busy, so I think we benefited from that as our service and food was on point. Although...I liked everything a little too much...I overate! I'll post Food P0rn pics later today which reminds me, as this year comes to close there are a few things I'm going to start doing more next year. One of those things is Food P0rn. The lady and I have become amateur foodies and love sharing our dining experiences with as many people as we can. Is there anything else you all would like me to ramp up after the New Year? Let me know, also too "Top Lists for 2010" SEND THEM TO ME!

Here are your highlights:

Moody's is alls about the warnings

I don't think Julian Assange and Wikileaks know who they're dealing with. The Big Bankers "eat what they kill"

Support for START builds - at this point in the game when does the GOP become treasonous, tyrannous, and unpatriotic?

Shep Smith wants to get fired


Our neighbors upstairs. The ones we often make fun of, have every reason to mock us. The Canadian Banking Headlines this past year tell the entire story. Perhaps they know something we don't....?


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