Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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I'm completely miserable blogosphere. I've no desire to go to work and no desire whatsoever to continually be battered by unappreciative people. My job sucks in other words. Luckily tonight is Drinking Liberally WAR ON CHRISTMAS! Followed by three more days of work and then vacation. If I can last that long. I seriously almost walked out RAGETASTIC style yesterday. Something about this time of year makes people so gosh darn dickish.

Here are your highlights:

RIP Richard Holbrooke

Ramh Emanuel WILL TESTIFY!

Dinosaurs and Superheros as one, rock on

Congrats to the Walking Dead for the Golden Globe nomination

Republicans openly admit being bough and owned by the big banks

Tea Party governing at work, losing jobs in Wisconsin. High-speed rail is a job creator, during a poor economic time people need jobs, build rail and cars and welcome travel, that's how it works jackass.


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