Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

One more day and we're off to Baltimore. The snow is fading away in Chicago. It's beginning to rain, it looks rather dreary and much less Christmasy. It will be good to get out again. The Skins game moved to the late day game which means more time for tail gaiting! In other news next month is going to be a full on blitz. Lots of work to be done. New episodes of TAT to record. And new announcements for this blog. Exciting!

Here are your highlights:

Chris Christie going where no governor has gone before

Now you're getting it: Obama makes recess appointments

Inside a Faux News head

Bloomberg's Katrina?

Jobless Claims...actually show promise at the end of the year

Lauryn Hill returns or has she? What I've always wondered is, how she could ever "come back?" I don't think it's possible because of the peak she reached all those years ago was stratospheric. Hip-hop during her time was at its prime and her neo-soul infusion of the genre was like nothing else. I will always welcome her voice, but as much as I want her to return to greatness, I doubt it'll happen. But man would I be excited if it did happen.


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