Thursday, December 23, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The family is in teh Chicago! (sans one balder older broseph) Yesterday the family, the lady and me went to downtown and had an awesome meal at the Purple Pig. Despite it being a rather loud place, the small plates of piggy delight were delicious. My favorite was the Pig Ear. Yesh, pig ear. Later in the evening we went to Oak Park where my aunt and uncle reside and had dinner with everyone chatting about various who its and what nots. Oh and lots of wine (except for me, I was the DD). Always nice to have the family here for the snow also too two more days till the day of Jeebus and gifts! Hooray!

Here are your highlights:

2 Chicago firefighters killed, 17 injured in huge blaze

Best Health Care Ever: Costs soar, insurance companies same as they ever was

Right-Wing Net Neutrality Freak Out

John Stewart has clout, 9/11 First Responders Bill passes

Don't call it a subsidy, Call it an Incentive!

The lame duck session that wasn't so lame? But what happened to the Party of No? One things for sure this Christmas Obama has restored some hope.


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