Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Trans-Atlantic Throwdown is on its way folks. I know, I know. I should have had it out yesterday, but we recorded some really solid stuff and the editing slash schedule has had me taking longer than I had hoped. So tomorrow will be the release of episode four and we're excited to share. As for the next episode, we're going to forego our normal format and have a "Top Things" episode for 2010. Whether it's movies, music, political achievements, comics we're going to chat about the bestest and our favorites of the past year. So we're asking you for your suggestions, let us know via Twitter, Blogs or email us at tatpodcast @ with your tops and lists of 2010. We're planning on recording episode five in the upcoming week and it will be our last episode of the year! Thanks again for tuning in, we appreciate it more than you know.

Here are your highlights:

Bring them all home, Afghan violence kills 18

What Hitch Said...

Notre Dame should hold its head in shame

Justice department reaches settlement with school district on civil rights violations at South Philadelphia high school

GORGEOUS! Winter themed Wallpapers for your puter

New Deal Democrat with a wonkish post says we've got more growth ahead...around the corner. I sure hope it's the right analysis.


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