Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

This is my last week of work before I get to take two weeks off. I'm hoping 2011 brings many new adventures and risks worth taking. Yesterday I was snowed in with my lady. We literally didn't get out of pajamas at all. I've got no shame. We cooked, we cleaned, we chilled and mostly just wondered when the snow would stop. I hate winter again. It's friggin nine degrees out! Tomorrow is WAR ON CHRISTMAS, us Drinking Liberally fellows will be getting together and enjoying yule logs or something of that nature. Be on the look out this week for Episode Four of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown.

Here is your one highlight:

After yesterday's roller coaster of a week. This week doesn't look to be much better, however I suggest to everyone to take a step back. Breathe. Then read this:

What Progressives Don't Understand About Obama
(h/t Balloon Juice)

All this primary talk needs to stop. It's time to get focused and remember it's imperative we stop the Republican controlled House from reversing the progress we've made the last two years. And believe me they'll try their darnedest.


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