Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Well yesterday was a roller coaster, huh? With the Defense Appropriations Bill being brought to the floor of the Senate all eyes were hoping "Don't Ask Don't Tell" would be repealed. It failed. Flat on its face. Heck it didn't even pass go. There were cowards like Joe Manchin of West Virginia (timing really? timing?! is this the 1960's?!) and Mark Kirk of Illinois. There were boneheads like Blanche Lincoln, BLANCHE!! And there was the Republican Party in general who in one day voted against equality, and against health care for 9/11 first responders. Why? Because they are sociopaths who ultimately will be on the wrong side of history. Regardless it was an exhausting day of events. Last night was my lady's work party and we rocked it. It was at some underground lounge in the Viagra Triangle, but we had a good time with her work folk. I'm kind of hungover, luckily work this morning had bagels. Mmmmm bagels and I got myself sausage bites from Dunkin because it's Friday mmmmm sausage bites.

Here are your highlights:

Will the Payroll Tax Cut Threaten Social Security?

Conservatives by nature aren't that concerned with teh sciences

Glenn Beck is fucking crazy and getting scarier each day

Um is this a good idea? Doc Oc!

Mark Kirk remember that guy? The one that beat Alexi? You stupid asses, I told you he was who we thought he was, Voted against paying for health care costs for 9/11 first responders. Freedom fighter!

Obama Breaks Away. Senate unleashes the CRACKEN! Obama's Tax Cut Deal Price Tag. Today will probably be less up and down as yesterday because well Congress ain't doin much. It's least Bernie Sanders will be raging!


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