Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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TGIF! Well apparently someone on the Daily Show writing team loves my work. As the video above shows my Gaypocalypse song has inspired an entire slew of hilarity! OK, so I probably wasn't the first person to use the term nor was I probably the first person to put it into song format, but I find it kind of awesome. Pssst. Daily Show. Hire Frank! (wait you guys shoot in NY? Fugg that I want to get out of the cold for chrisssake!) The lady and I are gonna be celebrating with some sangria tonight our anniversary. Can't wait for today to be over already!

Here are your highlights:

157 Republicans Vote Against Deficit-Reducing Bill That Gives Free, Healthy Meals To Hungry Kids

*Cough, cough Hypocrites. Tea Party Caucus loves them some earmarks

Give Ireland back to the Irish

Everyone is talking about it and I want to see it. Black Swan

RIP Ron Santo, a true legend of the game and a true Cub

Ruh-roh. Unemployment report is bleak. Like really bleak. Like really really bleak. Steve Benen has a chart with the "progress" and some analysis. Bonddad gives the report a 3 out of 10. As the Senate Republicans make it clear they don't want to extend tax cuts for the middle class without giving a bailout to the rich. We need a full assault by a Democratic party unwilling to stand up for anything. Perhaps someone, somewhere could craft a jobs bill, paint the Republicans as blocking assistance to families for more Wall St. bonuses, but so far that person (s) don't seem to exist. Enough already. Our broken system and the failure of both parties coupled by our media's compliant nature to the Republican narrative is putting our country into a point of stagnation. RAGE ON RAGERS! RAGE THE FUCK ON!


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