Monday, December 20, 2010

Da Long Game

Brad DeLong:

When people in the White House ask me whether I think Obama's SOTU address should be about tax reform or Social Security reform (i.e., 2/3 Social Security benefit cuts, 1/3 tax increases offered by the administration--and God alone knows what happens after that), I want to say: Why not make the SOTU address about jobs and economic recovery?

I know only the serious people in the Beltway talk about Social Security cuts and teh "tightening of the belts" what have you. But, we aren't exactly in full on recovery mode. After the DADT victory you'd think the White House would shift to getting people jobs by any means...oh well Larry Summers says we should bow to him. Job well done. I've said this before, heck I said it today, cuts to Social Security is political napalm, especially with over 9% unemployment. Remove head from ass then give teh STATE OF THE UNION!

Steve M. offers his own scenario.

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