Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince William and that Poor Girl

Seriously, I've been home editing the most recent episode of TAT and all that the news channels keep babbling about is Prince William getting engaged to Kate Middleton. The worst part being how much they MUST mention that she is middle class (her family are now self-made millionaires). Or as some stations have called it "poor." I even heard on MSNBC that her grandfather *gasp was a miner. The Village disdain for the working class and this undeserving poor girl is rather pungent. That or sickly they gush over the Cinderella story while attempting to relate it to Americans as if it matters somehow.

This is an opportune time for Democrats to pass legislation extending tax cuts for the middle class. The media will be distracted by WillKate and won't notice how the rich people are being spat on by the socialist Barack Obama!

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Paddy K said...

Dude, you've reached a whole new level. You're now upset about class issues in one of the most class-conscious societies in the world. India is only less class-mobile.

That being said, I've never liked how obsessed the US can be with the royalty from a country that we declared independence from more than two centuries ago. So, while I'm happy to look at the gorgeous Kate Middleton, the royal family and all its wannabe British subjects in the USA can kiss my free-born American ass.

While I'm at it, people who go on and on about the Kennedys can kiss it, too. "American royalty" can shove it.

Asian-American Pundit said...

LOL, I actually am more upset about how the reporters here in the US are treating the whole thing (I understand the class system in Britain doesn't mean I have to like it!).

As for the Kennedy's, I wouldn't be surprised if they get surpassed by the Bush family shortly. One of the ladies is already on the Today show, Bush just dropped his book, Jeb is considering running again and his son has political aspirations. Might be interesting to watch them bat away G-Dub's reputation...

Yes what they should be talking about is how William lucked out. Kate Middleton is stunning. Then back to reality where you know people are unemployed and such also too.