Saturday, November 6, 2010

Obama Goes to India

Expense Report!

$1 million a day for mani/pedi's for Obama and his cabinet
$5 million a day for flag pins
$20 million a day for secret service members to sync their headsets up to their ITunes at home
$14 million a day for Obama's shoes to maintain that vintage look
$10 million a day for Pepto Bismol to combat Indian food...
$30 million a day for Breath mints, Purell and Kleenex boxes - for the curry, the hand shaking and the tears of all those jobs we've outsourced
$50 million a day for Obama's thesaurus which contains thousands of ways to say "We're sorry for George W. Bush" and "Compromise"
$20 million a day for state of the art pack n play basketball court
$25 million a day for right wing talking points deflectors powered by solar panels
$25 million a day for non-offensive, middle of the road, non-Muslim, traditional Indian ceremonial attire that doesn't give the impression what-so-ever that he is secretly a Muslim Kenyan Socialist meant to appease our enemies with a series of bows

Grand Total: $200 million dollars a day!

(all numbers can't be reported nor will they ever be fully reported, but my inside source says this is really accurate. And my source would know since he lives in his mom's basement with a computer, Drudge Report hyperlinks and XBox 360)

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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