Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

What to do today? Anyone out there? Last night was a special Drinking Liberally where we drank, yelled and hung our heads low as the results came in. I had plenty of gin. Plenty. I feel the exact opposite of the day Obama was elected, however I'm not defeated. The Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency and that is enough (barring some catastrophic event) to block complete insanity. It's now time for progressives to regroup and get back to work. IN THE GREATEST NEWS EVER! The Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Podcast Episode 2 is now up and ready for your listening ears! We hope you enjoy it and don't forget to email us questions or comments at tatpodcast at It's also available on ITunes, THANKS STEVE JOBS! Tonight is Laughing Liberally, bring your hippies selves to the No Exit Cafe for some escapism. Show starts at 8pm.

Here are your highlights:

Replacing an unpopular party with an even more unpopular party...

The DNC got a couple things right, Right Wing Extreme loses

Happy 25 years to Goonies!

The biggest loss for Dems last night was Russ Feingold

Don't let the Republicans fool you, it wasn't a mandate

Sure why not? Donut Transport

Let the hippie punching begin! One revealing thing last night was the map. We're back to being a true Blue/Red Divided States.



MojoRider said...

we all knew this was coming but nobody likes the bad taste in their mouths this morning.

unfortunately, the Dems and WH have themselves to blame for not being able to communicate effectively what they were doing. And ultimately, the prez needs to take some blame as well for not getting engaged. There's a time to be an egghead and a time to get down in the trenches and push back. being above the fray doesn't work and it's a little naive to have kept pushing for bi-partisanship after the first year of obstructionism.

Bi-partisanship doesn't mean that we compromise and you get everything you want. But then again, I said this of the Dems when Obama won the election and I'll say this for the RepubliCONS:

given enough time, the republicons will screw up too. and they will. it's one thing to run as an outsider and rail against insider DC blah blah blah. but once these freshmen come to Capitol Hill, they're going to get a big dose of reality that their rhetoric about changing Washington and ideology can't cope with.

You wanna cut spending? As if we haven't already looked to cut spending? OK, genius; tell us what you're gonna cut and how you're going to do it. Should we cut the agricultural subsidies that will affect your state? Cut the defense budget which will lead to loss of jobs for the defense contractors in your home state?

And if tax cuts were the panacea, then why are we in this mess to begin with? How is it that tax increases on corporations are choking off job creation? Those jobs aren't even here! They've been outsourced! And in this bad economy, how is it that corporate profits are doing okay, the Dow JOnes is at 11,000? If they're so flushed with cash, then let's see some corporate responsibility for being owners of industries and start hiring people and creating jobs, then.

MojoRider said...

oh, and i loved seeing Rand Paul on CNN talking to Wolf Blitzer last night about how "there are no poor people, there are no middle class peoplr or rich people" and going on about how we are all "interconnected".

WTF? Hell, the little guy in Kentucky has no clue as to what he's going to get.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I couldn't agree with you more on all accounts. It's time Dems quit trying to compromise with those who have no agenda to compromise. Last night should be a wake up call that there much more to be done. We as progressives need to be louder and hold our leaders accountable to the standards they set for themselves.

As for Kentucky, I've been there. They deserve Rand Paul LOL.